Portugal resiste – Hold on Portugal!

Portugal resiste – Hold on Portugal!

Watch this beautiful video by Tobias Ilsanker with a message from Portugal!

Film & edit: @ilsankerphoto
Voice: @paulopiresoficial
Text: Richard de Wit
Translation & big help: @fcipriano

We thought we had almost seen it all

And suddenly…

It’s difficult to be separated from who we love

Far away from the sound of the ocean

Away from the smells of nature

Not being able to appreciate

what surrounds us like we always did

We are missing the ones that are closest to us

We are missing our family

Our friends

But even when the days seem to be endless

Even when it seems everything is missing

Hold on

Because we will overcome the difficulties

They will not last forever

The ocean will always be there

As well as our beaches

Forests, rivers and castles

Soon we are able to embrace

dance, laugh and love again

If now we are strong enough to hold on

That’s why

Hold on!

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Can’t Skip Hope – Can’t Skip Portugal

Can’t Skip Hope – Can’t Skip Portugal

Visit Portugal released a beautiful and pertinent message of hope to the world on the first day of spring🌸.

It’s time to stop. Time to reset, time to recenter, time to switch off so we can move on.

The best part of it all? We are in this together.🇵🇹❤️ #CantSkipHope

A beautiful message of Hope from Portugal to the world

It’s time to stop
It’s time to look out for each other in the distance
Time to stare humanity in the eyes, to take a break, for the world
It’s time to stop, to take a pause, so we can play again
To think of everyone and meet no one
To reset, recenter, switch off to move on
Time to change our little world
To calibrate the path of mankind
It’s time to stop
We are meant to connect and we are stronger together
but separated we are today more united then ever
For now our main strenght is to be apart
It’s time to stop
Nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments aren’t going anywhere
They will still be there waiting for a better time to be lived and we must do the same for a while
It’s time to stop
The perfect time not to visit anything
Sometimes to rise is to stand still
It’s time to stop
Stop and think about ourselves
Think of everyone else too
It’s time to stop and refocus as a whole, for all
It’s time to understand and respect our times
Respect one another
The faster we stop, the sooner we will bond again
It’s time to dream of those amazing days to come
For when those days arrive, we’ll say again:
Visit Portugal
#CantSkipYesterday #CantSkipTomorrow #CantSkipHope

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