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Mafra National Palace

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Make sure to visit Mafra and the magnificent National Palace (Convento de Mafra), just a 10 minute drive from Ericeira.

This 18th-century palace-monastery is the most important masterpiece of Portuguese Baroque and was a secondary residence for the Portuguese royal family. It’s 40,000 m2 and took 27 years to be built…

Inside the palace there is a monastery, a basilica and a library with over 36.000 ancient books, considered the most important library in the country.

The palace gardens are excellent for just walking around, for children to use the playground or to have a little picnic,

Watch the beauty of the National Palace in Mafra 

National Tapada of Mafra

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Following your visit to the National Palace, go to the National Tapada of Mafra, an ancient hunting reserve for the royal family created in the mid-18th century by King João V to match the grand palace.  Now the 8 km2 park offers besides the rich flora, different species of animals such as deer, wild boar, foxes, partridges and various types of birds, including the endangered Bonelli’s eagles  and many others living in their natural habitat.

The park has a small Rural Tourism house, the former Real Chalet de Caça, and two museums. You can visit the Tapada on a tourist train, on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback. The park is open for several activities (some available only on weekends), including hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, introduction to archery, and beekeeping workshops amongst others.

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