7 reasons to book direct

Today 5 February 2020 is the third annual #Bookdirect day, an initiative from accommodation owners worldwide to point out the advantages of booking direct. Many people think that booking their holidays through the big online travel agents (OTA) like Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, Booking etc is the best way to go. However that is definitely not the case.

Below we will point out why you should always book directly and why third-party travel sites are not the best option for booking your well deserved holiday. Discover how booking direct can save you time, money and hassle on your next vacation!

Here are 7 reasons why you should always #BookDirect:

1. Avoid hidden fees

When you book on large vacation rental websites you end up paying a ridiculous amount of third party fees that they hide within the price. By booking directly with the property owners or managers you will be guaranteed the best possible rate. Use the saved cash for your own benefit.

2. Local expertise

By booking directly you will be working with people who live and work where you are traveling to. With online travel agents you could be speaking with someone who has never even visited your travel destination. Local managers and homeowners know the properties and the area better than anyone and can better match travelers to the type of accommodation they are looking for. They offer expert knowledge and guidance on where to stay, what places to visit, and other helpful tips.

3. More flexibility

When booking a vacation rental,  peace of mind is important. Only when booking direct, you are guaranteed direct contact with the person responsible for the property. Managers and owners can better help guests optimize dates and budgets to fit their needs.

4. Many of the best vacation rentals aren’t listed on the big listing sites

Because of the high costs associated with listing on big listing sites, many of the best accommodations are not listed on these third-party websites. By limiting your search to OTA’s, you might be missing out on the best vacation rental for your family!

5. A more personalized experience

If you need help finding a handicap accessible rental, a rental that allows pets, or anything else, a manager or owner will work with you  directly to meet all your individual needs and give you assurance before you commit to a booking.

6. Support a local business and the local economy

By booking direct you will support a local business and the local economy – not a multi-national corporation.

7. Get special offers

When travelers communicate directly with the owner or manager, they will be the first to find out about special offers, discounts or exclusive deals. From events and activities to special rates to onsite services, by communicating direct with managers and owners you will get insider knowledge and the best offers.

So how do you book direct and save money to spend during your holidays?

  1. Search Google, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram for “vacation rentals in your destination” or search for the name of the accommodation as you have seen listed. This can lead you to their Google listing, their own website or the property’s Facebook page. Another handy tool is to use google reverse image search for the images you find online, for sure one of the images you find in the list will direct you to the source.
  2. Alternatively,  use fee-free listing sites like Houfy, where you will get direct contact with owners, instant quotes, updated calendars and convenient payment methods.
  3. Also, check out these amazing Book Direct maps which are growing rapidly: maps.houfy.com | bookdirectmap | thebookdirectmap
  4. Do your research, check for reviews online and contact the owner directly through email, telephone, social media or the contact form on their website.

The choice is up to you, make sure to choose the booking process  designed to provide the best value for you:


“Together, we can make a difference”  #BookDirect

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