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Cascais has 17 km of coastline providing amazing beaches stretching all the way from Carcavelos to Abano. There are beaches for every taste. From more remote beaches like Guincho, Cresmina and Abano where the most sustainable way to get there is by bike, to the more urban beaches which can be reached by train from Lisbon or on foot from the boulevard (Paredão) in the centre.

In the heart of the old town it is possible to turn a corner and go for a swim, how fantastic does this sound?

Guincho beach

With a huge expanse of sand, both in length and width, Guincho beach is considered one of the largest beaches in the country.

It is characterized by a strong swell and strong winds and is one of the best beaches for extreme sports and windsurfing.

Given the nature of the wind, one can observe the “Guincho-Cresmina” dune system in the southern part of the beach, which is highly dynamic from a geological point of view.

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Cresmina beach

Beautiful natural beach located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park with a large  expanse of sand and surrounded by cliffs.

It is known for its strong swell and high winds which give rise to the “Guincho-Cresmina” dune system of great natural beauty and found throughout its surroundings.

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Santa Marta beach

This beach has a very small sandy area, and is right next to the Cascais Marina.

In this bathing area, where the river Mochos joins the sea, one can observe the natural and architectural beauty of the surrounding areas.

Perfect beach to go with small children. Important to note is that the access to the beach is via a stairway.

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Rainha beach

Small sandy beach, tucked between cliffs on which houses have been built.

Located in the centre of Cascais, it is a hidden beach with calm waters.

In the surrounding area you can find a snack-bar with a outdoor seating, as well as spots to rest and contemplate the scenery.

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Praia da Duquesa/Conceição

Located between the “Chalet Faial” and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Chapel , this beach is not very extensive, and connects to the Duquesa Beach when the tide is low.

Access to the beach is easy via the seaside promenade, stairs and ramp. There are restaurants, bars and outdoor coffee shops along the walkway.

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Tamariz beach

A beach with excellent facilities, including a lifeguard, spas, restaurants, snack bars, outdoor coffee shop and water sports.

It has an Atlantic swimming pool next to the existing pier.

Very easily accessible via the Lisbon-Cascais train service, which stops right by the beach, as well as through the seaside promenade. Limited parking along the Marginal.

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Azarujinha beach

Tucked away in a corner, it is surrounded by cliffs filled with buildings, creating an intimate atmosphere.

The rocks that surround the bathing area form a natural amphitheatre.

The beach can only be accessed on foot, through the stairs located upstream from the beach (via Av. Marques Leal) or via the seaside promenade coming from Poça Beach. Due to its geographical constraints, there is no parking.

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Carcavelos beach

Carcavelos beach is the first municipal beach we find when coming from Lisbon.

It has a large expanse of sand and is much sought after by surfers, windsurfers and body boarders.

There is a pedestrian area surrounding the beach, where you can find many restaurants, bars and outdoor coffee shops. Easy access to the beach and excellent parking facilities.

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