Discover the best beaches in Portugal

Discover the best beaches in Portugal

The glorious sun melting into the skyline, magical coastlines, stunning beaches, and clear blue waters make Portugal the perfect holiday destination! Are you a beach lover wanting to discover the best beaches in Portugal?

Coastlines dominate almost 70% of the country’s territory and visitors are sure to experience a series of some of the most stunning beaches in Europe here! Based upon the amazing natural beauty and their still unspoiled character we have made our selection of the best beaches in Portugal.

Are you searching for the most beautiful beaches in Portugal? Look no further!  Read on to discover the best beaches along the beautiful Lisbon coast and the glorious Algarve region!

1. Odeceixe (Alzejur, Algarve)

This ‘Surfer’s beach’ is nestled in the Aljezur district on the West coast of the glorious Algarve region. The magnificent Odeceixe beach is 4 km away from the village. You will find the Seixe river running on one side and the crashing waves of the ocean on the other side, mother nature at its best! No wonder the unspoiled Odeceixe beach is considered as a real jewel in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park.

Famed for being top surfer’s beach, this beach attracts numerous visitors, backpackers and enthusiasts from all around the world to witness its impeccable splendor. This blue flag beach is home to all the amenities one could dream of. From quaint little cafes and a few beach side stalls and local shops, Odeceixe has so much to offer for all those looking to enjoy some of the best beaches in Portugal.

Why not enjoy the scenic beauty of the region by driving up to Odeceixe from Faro or Lisbon? The fastest route is definitely by car or Uber. It  will take you approximately 1hr 20 min from Faro to Odeceixe and around 2hr 45 min from Lisbon, respectively. The parking is a bit of a letdown with narrow sideways on the hills to perch your car on especially during the rush season. But the hassle is so worth the wonderful views!

Praia de Odeceixe, Alzejur, Portugal

Praia de Odeceixe, Alzejur, Portugal | @Letsgotoportugal


2. Comporta (Setubal)

Soft golden sand as far as your eyes can see and breathtaking beauty await you at Portugal’s best-kept secret: Comporta beach. This gorgeous beach stands out in a league of its own! Between lush green towering pine trees, rice fields’ luxurious amenities, white sand, and azure blue waters, Comporta beach is the place to be!

The beach is almost an hour-long drive away from Lisbon and has shaded car parking spots. The vibrant Comporta café beach club is a local hotspot. The summers are overflowing with tourists, wealthy Lisboetas and celebrities swaying to the rhythm of the music blasted by DJ’s and the overall exclusive yet hipster vibe of the beach. What are you waiting for?

Praia de Comporta, Setubal, Portugal | Letsgotoportugal

Praia de Comporta, Setubal, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


3. Galapinhos (Arrabida, Setubal)

Nestled in the Arrabida Natural Park, the beautiful Galapinhos beach was voted as Europe’s most beautiful beach’ in 2017. Need we say more? The Arrabida mountains offer a panoramic backdrop of this magical Eden of the Mediterranean.

The unspoiled beauty of the virgin sands and the crystal clear blue water are less then one hour away from Lisbon. Treat your soul as you set foot on this slice of heaven to witness the unmatched beauty of one of the best beaches near Lisbon! You can access the beach via the sand stretch of the nearby Galápos beach or via a way that allows to go through some stairs to the beach.

Praia de Galopinhos, Setubal, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


4. Arrifana (Alzejur, Algarve)

Roughly 10km southwest of the picturesque town of Alzejur in the Algarve region, lies the quaint, blue flag Arrifana beach. A hotspot for surfers, this beach is sheltered by a crescent-shaped bay hidden in the fishing village perched beyond the dark cliffs. The beach is accessible via a steep downward path with cute old cottages situated at the clifftop offering magical views.

Arrifana beach is 3hr away from Lisbon and around 1hr 20 min away from Faro. Wonderful views and equipped with all facilities, what more could one ask for?

Praia de Arrifana, Alzejur, Portugal

Praia de Arrifana, Alzejur, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


5. Praia do Camilo (Algarve)

Iconic and magnificent, the Camilo beach is another jewel on the Algarve crown! 200 wooden steps descend to this slice of heaven with sparkling water and soft sand that melts as soon as you step on it. This small yet wonderful beach is packed with tourists during the summer months and is exceptionally well-maintained.

Stunning rock arches guard the beach and the aqua green water is perfect for kayaking, swimming and snorkeling! Drive to this magical beach in less than 3hr from Lisbon and merely an hour from Faro. We recommend restaurante Camilo right above the beach for a delicious seafood lunch!

Praia do Camilo, Algarve, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal

Praia do Camilo, Algarve, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


6. Falesia (Algarve)

Falesia beach is a a 6 km long blue flag beach with crystal clear water and golden sand. It stretches between Vilamoura and Olhos de Agua,and is one of Portugal’s longest beaches. Ranked as Portugal’s best beach and the number 11 best beach in the world in 2019 by Tripadvisor, it is not difficult to understand why this is one of Portugal’s awarded beaches! The scenery is just stunning, especially because of the beautiful red and orange colored sandy cliffs.  Walk along the 6km long stretch of clean sand all the way up to Vilamoura. Travel to Falesa beach directly from Faro in only 30 minutes by car! Watch the amazing beauty of Falesia beach in this video.

Praia da Falesia, Algarve, Portugal | ©LetsgotoPortugal



7. Magoito (Sintra)

Facing the glorious Atlantic Ocean is the Magoito beach, located in the Sintra National park. This impressive beach is well-protected by a towering dark cliff and a consolidated dune with rocks splattered across the coastal line. Visitors stop in their tracks to witness the amazing scenic view of this beach as they park their cars on the clifftop. This well-maintained beach with golden sand and cold water is certainly one of the best beaches in Portugal and is less then 1 h away from Lisbon. Perfect time to visit is at sunset, and have a drink at the Esplanada Duna Mar, totally worth the drive. We promise!

Praia de Magoito, Sintra, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal

Praia de Magoito, Sintra, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal



8. Guincho (Cascais)

Situated 5 km away from the centre of the beautiful beach town of Cascais, Guincho beach is the epitome of Portugal’s surfer spirit! The mighty tides and cool breeze makes kite and board surfing an adventure sport that you will not forget! Take up the various surfing lessons or enjoy the wonderful scenery at the foot of the Sintra hills from Bar do Guincho, a restaurant and a bar placed on the beach, with excellent food and drinks. We recommend to park your car in the parking of Bar do Guincho, accessible via the Estrada do Abano. This unique beach is only 30 minutes away from the sunny capital of Lisbon, a must-visit!

Praia do Guincho, Cascais, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal

Praia do Guincho, Cascais, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


9. Adraga (Sintra)

Voted amongst the top 20 beaches in Europe by an English news paper, Adraga beach is the remarkable land of cliffs and rock formations! A rental car will have to take you to this remote location that is 13km west of Sintra. Packed with tourists in the summer but almost deserted outside of the summer months, this beautiful beach is home to the judgment rock, plenty of water sports, hidden coves and tunnels and so much more! Don’t take our word, why not visit to uncover its true splendor yourself? You can have lunch at the legendary seafood Restaurante da Adraga right on the beach!

Praia de Adraga, Sintra, Portugal | ©LetsgotoPortugal

Praia de Adraga, Sintra, Portugal | ©LetsgotoPortugal


10. Praia da Ursa (Sintra)

Many visitors to Portugal visit the fairy tale palaces of Sintra, but few know that the area is also home to some stunning beaches. You will find the pristine Ursa beach close to Cabo da Roca, at the most western point of the European continent. Watch out as the beach is not watched by lifeguards and access to the beach is considered difficult and dangerous, as you’ll have to hike  and part of the way in a zigzag down the side of a cliff. But, once you make it to the beach, you will understand why people, both locals and visitors, enjoy exploring it. The sights are stunning, with the vast expanse of the blue ocean and colossal stones called Ursa (Bear) and Gigante (Giant) marking the coastline.

Praia de Ursa, Sintra, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal

Praia de Ursa, Sintra, Portugal | ©Letsgotoportugal


Did you like our selection? Portugal is waiting for you to witness some of the best beaches the country has to offer! Should you have other beaches to recommend please let us know! What are you waiting for to pack your bags and embark on a trip of a lifetime?

10 reasons to fall in love with Cascais

10 reasons to fall in love with Cascais

1. The fishing town & former royal summer retreat breathes history

Cascais (pronounced as “kush-kaish”) was originally a typical fishing village. However, since King Luis choose Cascais as his royal summer retreat in 1870, the once quiet fishing village became known as the Court Town. The Citadel governor’s residence was transformed into a royal palace where the court would be installed.

Along with the court, the town attracted royalty, nobles, and aristocrats. Hence, with the construction of beautiful villas and mansions, the village turned into a glamorous beach town. King D. Carlos, who succeeded his father D. Luis, also loved the town  and continued to pass his summer vacations in Cascais. Similarly, as Cascais grew, also the neighboring towns Monte Estoril and Estoril turned into glamorous beach resorts, with sophisticated hotels and even a casino.

When walking around in the narrow streets of Cascais’  historical centre you will immediately feel the harmony between the traditional Portuguese charm of the fishing town and the cosmopolitan beach town. 

Tip: walk along the Rua Fernandes Thomas, the Avenida Valbom and the Avenida Dom Carlos. Then continue through the streets at the left of the Camera Municipal to breathe in the best of Cascais’ history!

Baia de Cascais, Portugal

Baia de Cascais, Portugal


2. The Portuguese Riviera, beaches for every taste

The 17  km long coastline of Cascais stretching from Carcavelos to Abano is often referred to as the Portuguese Riviera. This part of the Lisbon coast is indeed a magnificent holiday destination in Portugal with a variety of 20 (!)  beaches to choose from.

When arriving from Lisbon by train, just walk 3 minutes to the nearest beach, the tiny Rainha beach. Soak in the view and take a left to reach the beach boulevard (called Paredão). You will pass by the golden sandy beaches of Conceição, Duquesa, Moitas until you reach Tamariz beach right in front of the Estoril train station.  Tip: on busy summer days, make sure to continue to walk until you reach the less touristy beaches of  Poça and Azurujinha. Those smaller golden sandy beaches along the boulevard are perfect for travelers wanting to sunbathe and relax.

Cascais is lively summer or winter. With an average of 300 sunny days per year, the Paredão is always full of people strolling, jogging or working out. Imagine yourself walking along the Cascais – Estoril beach boulevard  in this video.

Those who prefer dramatic scenery and powerful waves, should definitely check out Guincho beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal! Also the nearby unspoiled beaches of Abano and Cresmina are worth a visit. The most sustainable way to get there is to go by bike! You can rent a bicycle from one of the Mobi Cascais bike  stations or from one of the rental shops in the centre like Portugal Rent Bike. For more info about the beaches in Cascais check

Conceiçao beach - Praia da Conceiçao, Cascais, Portugal

Conceiçao beach – Praia da Conceiçao, Cascais, Portugal


3. Breathe fresh air in the green parks and forests

Cascais is one of the towns in Portugal with the best quality of life. Not only is it a beautiful coastal town, but it is  also surrounded by green parks and forests. Being able to breathe fresh air and stroll in the many parks is said to be one of the secrets of the longevity and happiness of the Cascalenses. 

The Marechal Carmona Park, just behind the Marina, is a beautiful park with cafe and playground for the kids. It is a wonderful spot to take the family for a picnic or to have a rest in the shade on hot summer days. Another park close to the center is the Palmela Park, where kids can attend a treetop path run by the company Pedaços de Aventura.

Our favorite park is the Sintra – Cascais Natural Park. This park offers amazing hiking trails while you can enjoy stunning views over Cascais and Cabo da Roca. We love to go drive up to the Peninha sanctuary and soak in the amazing view over Cascais from there. Another great spot is the beautiful organic farm Quinta do Pisão. Here can pick your own vegetables and enjoy a great day with the entire family exploring the various trails.

Marechal Carmona Park, Cascais, Portugal

Marechal Carmona Park, Cascais, Portugal


4. One of the most picturesque seaside towns in Portugal

Located on the Portuguese Riviera, the beautiful seaside town of Cascais lies just outside Lisbon. Sure is that this pleasant town full of heritage and history is one of a kind. The town contains many incredible instagrammable spots as you will quickly notice upon arrival. 

Amongst the Portuguese, Cascais has the reputation of being home to the wealthy, as it is the town where the current president of Portugal lives and where rich families of Lisbon spend their weekends and holidays. Certainly, Cascais has a touch of class.

The charming old town has retained so much of its Portuguese character and fishing town heritage. It is a delight to wander through the streets of the old town and admire the beautiful floor patterns. The traditional fishermen’s houses are so picturesque and have been converted into cool shops, vibrant bars and family-run restaurants. Tip: make sure to explore  the old town without map or any specific destination in mind. You will stumble upon some incredible spots and it is the best way absorb the unique culture and atmosphere of Cascais!

Furthermore, when you walk a bit west of the old town and look out to the ocean,  you will discover a dramatic coastline dotted with stunning rock formations. Make sure not to miss Boca de Inferno (10 minutes walk from the centre) and Guincho Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

the charming old town of Cascais, Portugal

the charming old town of Cascais, Portugal

5. A gastronomic paradise

Cascais has an amazing collection of great restaurants with excellent menus based largely on fresh fish and seafood. A true paradise for foodies with prices matching every pocket. Certainly there are many fish restaurants  but actually almost any world cuisine can be found in Cascais.

Some restaurants are small cozy cafés in narrow streets in the historic center whilst others offer superb views of the ocean and are located along the seafront serving gourmet dishes. One of the 26 Michelin starred restaurants of Portugal is located in Cascais: Fortaleza do Guincho.

For a selection of our Cascais insider restaurant tips check

Drinks with a view, Cascais, Portugal

Drinks with a view, Cascais, Portugal

6. Cascais contains a Museum Quarter and is a hub for urban art

Aside from its beaches, Cascais has also plenty of palaces and museums, which are all within an easily walkable distance located in the so-called “Museum Quarter“.

First of all start with a visit of  the Town Museum (Museu da Vila) located in the city hall where you can learn about Cascais’ history. Then move on to the Museum of the Sea and the Paula Rego House of Stories. Furthermore, cross the Marechal Carmona Park and visit the Castro Guimaraes museum, which is housed in one of the most architectural interesting buildings of Cascais. The building was once an aristocrat’s residence and is an elaborate mix of gothic, Portuguese and Arabian stonework. Another popular spot is Centro Cultural de Cascais, a bright pink building, formerly a convent, that now hosts a variety of exhibitions. For nautical lovers there is a Lighthouse Museum built into the Santa Marta Lighthouse, showcasing lighthouse technology.

Art lovers should also visit the Citadel Art District in the renovated 16th-century citadel complex, where they can find galleries and art studios.

Finally, Cascais is becoming a growing open-air art gallery with a beautiful collection of urban art. The yearly Muraliza and Infinito festivals have invited renowned Portuguese street artists to Cascais to express their art on façades, walls and even electrical power boxes. Make sure to spot the many beautiful pieces of street art in the historic centre of Cascais. Another interesting area for street art lovers is the Torre district, where several grey building façades turned into amazing pieces of art. A must see for urban art lovers!

Paula Rego House of Stories, Cascais, Portugal

Paula Rego House of Stories, Cascais, Portugal

7. Cascais is a very international & welcoming town

Cascais, a town with approximately 200.000 inhabitants, is a very welcoming town. It is considered home by  people from all over the world. Many foreigners looking for a new place to live fall instantly in love with Cascais. The quality of life, the amount of sunshine, the pristine beaches, the Portuguese hospitality, the great variety of restaurants, the easy way of living…All those elements contribute to Cascais’ unique lifestyle, consisting of a perfect balance between nature and cosmopolitanism, between modern technology and history, between the Portuguese identity and globalism.

Cascais is a vibrant town. There are many things going on all the time (music, culture, sports, you name it) and there is a lively expat community in Cascais with many networking opportunities. Actually, when living in Cascais you are blessed with sun, sea, relaxation and peace and are only 30 km away from a European Capital. You don’t need anything else! Read a few expat testimonials here.

Historic centre, Cascais, Portugal

Historic centre, Cascais, Portugal

8. Cascais has a magnificent Marina

The Cascais Marina is a great, tranquil place to stroll around and enjoy the views of the impressive collection of yachts, sailboats and catamarans. The marina has all the necessary back up services for both residents and visitors. In the last few years Cascais has become the venue for world-class international sailing regattas. The complex features boutique shops and several high and bars and restaurants where it is great people watching.

Tip: Make sure to head to the Marina around sunset to take stunning pictures of the sun setting over the Lighthouse. Afterwards have dinner in one of the great fish restaurants. Marisco na Praça where you just select the fresh catch of the day is one of our favorites!

Marina de Cascais, Portugal

Marina de Cascais, Portugal

9. Sports and healthy lifestyle

Cascais residents love to work out and go for a run or walk along the Paredão. The beach boulevard is 2750 m long and connects Conceição beach in the center of Cascais with Azarujinha Beach in Estoril. There are a few outdoor gyms where you can keep in shape. Our favorite is this gym with a view of the ocean located in between Boca do Inferno and Casa da Guia.

For those wanting to cycle there is the amazing bike path connecting the Cascais Marina and Guincho beach, 8.7 km long along the beautiful  Atlantic Coast.

Cascais is of course also known for the many water sports activities. Surfing, body board, kite surfing,  fishing, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing and stand up paddle are just some of the water sports you can try in the blue waters of the bay of Cascais, Guincho or Carcavelos. Guincho beach is considered one of the top surfing spots in Europe with many international surfing competitions taking place here.

No wonder Iron Man choose Cascais as its base for the yearly Iron Man race in Portugal since 2017. The unique scenery in Cascais offers one of the most beautiful race courses ever designed for a triathlon and one of the most amazing experiences of an athlete’s lifetime. Check this video for a few impressions!

Cycling path to Guincho beach, Cascais, Portugal

Cycling path to Guincho beach, Cascais, Portugal

10. Cascais is one of the best golf destinations in Europe

The Cascais region has many courses available that offer the perfect setting for every level of golfing expertise.

Designed by renowned architects, the golf courses are set in beautiful locations some overlooking the sea and others tucked away with the Sintra hills as backdrop. Given the mild and pleasant climate it is possible to play a round at any time of the year. The golf clubs are open to visitors and have club houses, driving ranges, putting greens, bars, restaurants and shops. Golf equipment is available for hire at most courses. If you are a newcomer to this relaxing sport, professionals are available to give lessons.

Cascais is home to the Oitavos Dunes, positioned number 55 in the prestigious Top 100 Courses in the world and number 1  golf court in Portugal.

Check this link for detailed info about the 11 golf courts in and near Cascais.

Oitavos Dunes Golf course, Cascais, Portugal

Oitavos Dunes Golf course, Cascais, Portugal

How to Get to Cascais From Lisbon?

The best way to get to Cascais from Lisbon is by train. Trains depart every 20 minutes from the Cais do Sodre station in Lisbon and it takes about 40 minutes to get to Cascais center. Tickets can easily be purchased from the station the day of travel ( approx €2.20/€1.10 adult/child). Instead of buying single tickets it is recommended to buy the rechargeable Viva Viagem Card which you can top up according to your needs and offers more favorable rates.

Tip: Make sure to sit on the left side going to Cascais for the best seaside views! For the time table of the trains to and from Cascais check de website of Comboios de Portugal.

If you are driving, the journey is about 30 km on the A5 and takes about 30 minutes. You can also opt for the scenic Marginal road which runs along the seaside and takes a bit longer because of the traffic lights, but the beautiful scenery makes up for it!

Read more here about what to see & do in Cascais.

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Contact us in case you want to find out about our property finding service in the Lisbon-Cascais region or in case you are planning to relocate to Cascais and need guidance in choosing the right neighborhood for your budget and lifestyle!

7 cool rooftop bars to check out in Lisbon

7 cool rooftop bars to check out in Lisbon

Lisbon, the city that unfolds over Seven Hills, spoils its visitors with amazing panoramic views that you can enjoy  from the many viewpoints  (miradouros) spread over the city.

Feeling the pulse of the city gazing down over the city rooftops, the castle and other architectural landmarks,  the Tagus river, the 25 April Bridge…. is a must do during your trip to Lisbon! Apart from the panoramic viewpoints also many rooftop bars and restaurants offer incredible views of the city.

Below we listed our favorite rooftop bars and restaurants in Lisbon. Make sure to check out a few or let us know if you have any favorites we should list!


1. Entretanto Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Chiado

Rua Nova do Almada 114 – Chiado | Google maps | Tel +351 213 256 100

Entretanto Rooftop Bar, Lisbon

Entretanto Rooftop Bar, Lisbon


On top of the Hotel do Chiado, this terrace offers fantastic views over the city of Lisbon and the Castle.

The cozy terrace is the perfect spot for a coffee or snacks in between shopping & sight seeing or sipping a few coctails while watching the sunset.


2. Park Bar

Calçada do Combro 58, Bairro Alto | Google maps | Tel +351 215 914 011

Park Bar, Lisbon

Park Bar, Lisbon


Park is a rooftop parking turned into a garden terrace where you can enjoy  180º views of Lisbon on a sunny afternoon or by starlight through the evening. Park opens daily at 1 pm and only closes late at night.

The wooden patio furniture and the small potted trees create a casual feeling of a garden which becomes very popular at night with regular DJ performances and open air cinema sessions. The place can get very crowded during summer.


3. Noobai

Miradouro de Santa Catarina | Google maps | Tel +351 213 465 014

Noobai Cafe, Lisbon

Noobai Cafe, Lisbon


Noobai is located on the Santa Catarina viewpoint (also called Adamastor). Just walk uphill from Praça Luis de Camões and you will get there.

It’s a  cool bar/restaurant  with terraces on 3 levels all overlooking the old town and the Tagus River. The vibe is easy going, just a lovely spot for a light lunch or brunch with view!


4. Madame Petisca

Rua de Santa Catarina 17 | Google Maps | Tel +351 915 150 860

Madame Petisca, Lisbon

Madame Petisca, Lisbon


When the sun is out and you’re searching for a spot where you can eat outside and savor in the typical Lisbon rooftop views then this is your place!

Excellent spot for a delicious tapas lunch and drinks close to the miradouro of Santa Catarina. The 360º view from the roof terrace is stunning!


5. The Garden Rooftop

Rua do Instituto Industrial 7, 7th floor, Santos | Google maps

The Garden Rooftop, Lisbon

The Garden Rooftop, Lisbon


One of the newest rooftop bars in Santosonly open during summer (check the Facebook page for opening dates).

Amazing 360º views over Lisbon and the Tagus river, chill atmosphere, great music (live DJ during weekends), delicious coctails and a few bites…

Fantastic spot for sunset drinks. What else do you need to feel the pulse of Lisbon? The service can be slow at times but why complaining  when you are waiting in line with such a stunning view?

Check the vibe at The Garden Rooftop Lisbon.


6. Le Chat

Jardim 9 de Abril, Janelas Verdes, Santos | Google maps | Tel +351 213 963 668

Le Chat, Lisbon Rooftops

Le Chat, Lisbon Rooftops


Le Chat is a glass cube cafe-restaurant in the Janelas Verdes area, next to the Museum of Ancient Art.

The terrace is fantastic and boosts  180ºviews of the docks and the 25 April bridge facing Cristo Rei on the other side of the Tagus river.

Great light meals menu to accompany your drinks and  attentive service. A great spot to meet friends for a chat or a lazy brunch, after work cocktails or romantic sunsets.


7. Rio Maravilha

Rua Rodrigues Faria, nº 103, LX Factory | Entrada 3,| 4th floor | Google maps | Tel +351 966 028 229

Rio Maravilha, LXFactory, Lisbon

Rio Maravilha, LXFactory, Lisbon


Awesome  rooftop bar in LX Factory, a revitalized industrial site in Alcantara. The industrial space, the atmosphere, great lounge music, the fantastic view  and cocktails make this one of the coolest spots in town to watch the sunset.

Check out the vibe at Rio Maravilha bar in LX Factory.


For more places to go in Lisbon, restaurants, activities and must see’s in Lisbon check out

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