Who is behind Let’s Go to Portugal? 

Hi, I am Petra

…an energetic and strong-minded individual originally from Belgium. My two adorable kids inspire me every day to give the best of myself. My passions include traveling, photography, architecture, street art and of course, Portugal, the country I am so blessed to call home! I truly am a “citizen of the world” and as such, have become an adept of “slow travel”.

My background

I worked as a business lawyer for major corporate law firms in Brussels but around the age of 30, I decided to make a switch.

I stepped out of the rat race and took a sabbatical., left  my comfortable life and went off traveling to Latin America. During the first year, I visited several countries from Central to South America and met so many amazing and inspiring people along the way. The immersion in different cultures and getting to know different habits and lifestyles, all contributed to a fantastic personal journey which shaped my vision of the world. I became a PADI Diving Instructor in Colombia and finally decided to give up my legal career. That decision brought me to Brazil where I lived for 14 years. I married my Brazilian husband and embraced Brazil as my new home country.

My time in Brazil

I became an entrepreneur and started a holiday rental business in Rio de Janeiro. I truly lived the life I had always dreamed of:  to work and play in flip-flops wearing summer dresses all year round! But most importantly, doing what it is that I love: connecting with travelers, giving them local insight on the Brazilian culture and helping them to create an unforgettable holiday. I was so lucky to work during the 2014 World Cup and the Rio Olympics in 2016 and will never forget how the country and the city vibrated with so many travelers from  around the world; so many beautiful lifetime memories…

Planning to travel, invest or live in Portugal?

  My Love Story with Portugal  


Because we wanted to give our kids a better future, we decided to leave Brazil in 2017 and move to Europe, a big step and a new chapter for all of us. For me it was going back to the old continent but with slightly more luggage than when I left….

We chose Cascais in sunny Portugal as our new home and are truly in love with this amazing country!

Portugal is a treasure trove of the most stunning landscapes, amazing beaches, charming villages and beautiful towns hidden around every corner with their unique traditions, tasty foods and world-class wines. Portugal is MORE than a country to me. It is a magical place that imparts a strong sense of well-being, a feeling of a new beginning to reflect on and a desire to go deeper; to be more aware of the people around me and our environment.

Portugal is for me a synonym of a  unique quality of life, a country where human interaction is still valued, a country where “slow living” never has been out of fashion. I love the Portuguese people, they are  genuinely friendly, authentic, welcoming, easy to connect with and down-to-earth.

Portugal lets me breathe again; makes me feel “at home”, makes me feel I ended up where I am meant to be. The special energy I find in Portugal truly fills my soul.

My vision and values

Authenticity | True connections  | Local insight | Go deeper | Conscious choices | Small scale | Empower | Full dedication | Professionalism | Transparency | Less is more | Sharing is caring | Be the difference you want to see in the world

See you in Portugal!

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